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Let's recap the last few days or so of awakeness:

Get up really early, too early, ungodly to the mall while it's still practically dark (barely a sunrise creeping over the horizon) until I'm dead on my feet...WAY TOO MANY PEOPLE. All the people are upset that the mall is SO crowded and the lines are so long in our store. Gee, ya think? Then go home, collapse, maybe eat. Go to bed. Shower, rinse, repeat.


On Sunday, I worked at the movie theatre.
On Monday, I had the worst cough all day and had to cancel my "movie night with Becky and Jarvis" 'cause I didn't want to get anyone else sick.
On Tuesday, I worked an extra four hours at the register 'cause we were SO busy I just couldn't in good conscience leave.
On Wednesday, I went to Saturn to get an oil change...drove to the big shopping plaza out by Hamilton Mall to go to the Five Below to get goofy presents for both Maia and for our "bring a gift, get a gift" at Candie and Martin's. I then went to Kris and Becky's and Becky, Jarvis and I hung out...
Then Thursday, I got home, fell asleep for a few hours then got went out to the theatre for the test run of "Rent" which started today at the DeMarco. Got home at 2am and got three more hours of sleep.
Worked today. The vice president of the company did his visit today. He was there for what felt like maybe tops a half an hour. He looked around, he apparently didn't see the context of we had our assistant manager quit a week ago (oh yeah, didn't tell that story yet...I'll start that in a moment), we were slammed with business, we've been making all of our goals this entire holiday season (last year AND plan), we've had five to six other major quittings and firings in the last month, we're already maxed out on our hours and they keep cutting our hours. No. All he saw was that the thirty boxes of shipment that we hadn't finished putting away yesterday had just been joined by eighty more in the last hour and we had three people working on the register (and still had the line out to the back wall, though it was moving quickly) and that there were only two employees working on the floor and they were actually waiting on all the many customers in the store (all of whom were, of course complaining that there weren't enough employees in the store to wait on them) and that NONE of us were putting out that shipment. HUH?

So, instead of working 7am to 4pm tomorrow I'll be working from 11pm tonight til possibly 7am tomorrow morning, I came straight home after just getting my check cashed and went directly to bed after running a quick load of wash so I could have a pair of jeans to work in. I went to bed for three hours and now I'm surfing for a little bit and will be getting showered at ten. When I arrive at the mall. the gate will be closing and we'll be kicking out the customers for the night (until gate open at the end of my shift). That's eight hours of uninterrupted putting away of shipment with NO CUSTOMERS to bug us! And I'm not working on Christmas eve except for that! No more customers for me until after the holiday. When I get up from my eventual crash, I get to (after a quick stop at the comic shop) wrap the presents and prepare for the party.

---- that other story from above. Well, let's just say that had Heather put in a formal letter of resignation on the 2nd I wouldn't have lost respect for her. We knew that it would be coming soon. She'd started a job as an EMT. Her current responsibilities only were doing late night runs picking up dead guys for the morgue. She was about to start taking on more hours and a bigger role in the EMT team (including having to take on more training).

So, instead of being completely professional and leaving the job she'd held for eight years with dignity and respect, she instead decided that it was better to just drop the bomb that she was quitting as she walked out the door.

Sometime during her last shift she wrote a letter of resignation and left it on the desk with her keys (or handed them to Mike on her way out the door...I don't remember which, it happened when I wasn't there). And her reason for quitting? Not the aforementioned job, no. Her reason for quitting: she'd gone on break at around 12:30pm (actually sat down and ate and everything). At around 1-ish, Delvin and Mike discussed what they might want for food. They decided on Taco Bell. Since Johnny was going next, they asked if he would want any (since they could send him with their orders, else they'd decide which of them would go), and I'd already declined having brought my own food in for lunch. They pretty much ate in between big rushes of of the two of them would run back, have a quick taco, standing, swish it down with a swig of soda and get back in the fray. When I finally had my break, she was stewing over the fact that the rest of us were asked if we wanted Taco Bell and that not only wasn't she asked but they waited until after her break was done to decide on it. That's the "final straw" for her apparently. Whatever. So the two of them, Delvin and Mike have both had to work EVERY day this entire week and will be doing double shifts most of the next few weeks until they send us a new assistant or whatever.

Fun, huh?

Anyway, hope all of you have a happy and a healthy holiday! Get some rest if you can.

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