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My Favorite Podcasts is a list of my favorite podcasts...

For those of you with or without ipods ('cause you can always just use whatever mp3 player you own or have installed on your computer for these):

The Anti-Hit List. Published by the Toronto Star, John Sakamoto's column in a must weekly read to find awesome new (and old/obscure) tracks to listen to, including hot new mash-ups. He now podcasts some highlights from the list each week.

Coverville is one of my favorite music podcasts. I especially like when he focuses on one particular artist or group. You never know what's going to show up here.

The Dawn and Drew Show. Paul doesn't get their appeal 'cause they are so unprofessional. That's kinda why I like them. For me, I feel like I'm hanging out with two goofy friends when I'm listening to the show. I recommend listening to at least the 100th show to try a sample to see if you would like them. Many listeners apparently work their way through the entire archive. They are about to do their 200th show!

Diggnation. Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht, both formerly from TechTV's Screensavers, serve up the coolest links of the week from They also review a different beer every week. Available also as a video podcast (though it's sent a little later than the audio version and they are mostly just sitting around on a couch with their laptops on their laps).

Disney - Inside the Magic. If you don't already know, I'm obsessed with Walt Disney World. I've even been (to date) mentioned THREE times on this show (go through the archives) during Skipper Ben's "Top Three" segments.

Eat Feed. I describe this show as "This American Life" for food.

Mostly Trivial. This quick little show is a great little addition for your week (though I tend to let them pile up and listen to a bunch at a time).

The Pab Sungenis Project Get your weekly dose of fun, music and of course "high weirdness". With the Sixth Annual Listener's Choice show coming up shortly, this is a great time to jump in! For those of you with iTunes, you can use this direct link: to subscribe to the Pab Sungenis Project

Podsafe Music. Get a free undiscovered gem sent to you every week.

Radio Leo. This is the direct link to the RSS Feed, though you can also subscribe within iTunes. Leo LaPorte from TechTV's Screensavers and Call For Help does a number of different shows a week via podcast and this feed gets you all of them (though I generally only listen to "This Week in Tech" and "Security Now"'s still more efficient than subscribing to them separately).

I'm also currently working my way through Shakespeare-Upon-Ipod, which is an audio biography of William Shakespeare, or more properly or Edward de Vere.

Of course, how could I not listen to the official Sims 2 podcast from Electronics Arts?

Of course, via subscription, I also listen to "This American Life"

If you have a video iPod:

I love Channel Frederator. It's a weekly dose of cartoon shorts.

For those of you who STILL haven't gotten your (old school) TechTV fix for the week, there's also Digital Life TV, starring Patrick Norton and Robert Heron.
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