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Funny Dream last night...

Before I forget to post this one and it gets lost into the ether, I have to post about the dream I had last night...

...It started out that Paul and I were at Kris and Becky's for our typical Tuesday night together. We're all sitting around chit-chatting when there is a knock on the door and Kris goes to answer it. It's a delivery from Fed Ex or UPS or something like that and there's this big box. Paul says "Oh, good, it arrived. I was wondering when it would get here."

Apparently, it's this new amazing video game system of some kind that he's bought for them for some kind of surprise (perhaps this upcoming Christmas). Anyway, the open it up and set it up while Becky and I continue to talk.

Once it's set up, Paul goes into the kitchen to prepare the meal and Kris and Becky go to smoke a cigarette, I guess.

I start playing the game. Once I start playing the game, it's one of those dream things where some of the scenery begins to shift (like in other dreams where you are walking down a road and the next thing you know you are driving a car and you've never stopped your journey that you can remember). The game is an extremely immersive virtual reality game system. I don't remember putting on goggles or anything, but as the dream continues with me playing the game (which was themed to a jungle safari of some type, I remember part of it being referred to as "Alligator River") I begin to experience full 360 panoramic vision of the game and can see the animals all around where I'm driving. However, I'm still aware of it in the context of a video game. It had that flat quality that many of the computer generated movies have where they look incredible to the eye, but there is just enough that's wrong to register as fake.

As the game progressed, it eventually led way to me experiencing motion as well, feeling swells of water as my in-game vehicle progressed down the river and I was surrounded by alligators. Soon, I lost the game and got out of what was now a capsule I was in. As I got out, I discovered that I was no longer at home.

Apparently, the game/ride had a consequence of somehow being able to teleport players to the factory where it was manufactured. The factory workers begin to escort me out, explaining that it was a bug in the software and that we should have changed the default settings on the game before playing (which it apparently said in the manual we neglected to read beforehand).

I was told that I was in Upstate New York. As I began to panic as to how I would get back, they explained that because this happened so often to people playing the game, they would have a shuttle to provide me with my way home. As I was asking them for a telephone to use to let the others know to fix those settings, I noticed that apparently the same thing must have happened to Paul AND Kris as they were walking towards me from the direction where I first arrived at the factory.

Kris was excited "That was the coolest thing EVER." He looked as if he wanted to get back onto a roller coaster again after just getting off of it. I told him "We're in Upstate New York". That stopped him in his tracks. "Oh, maybe not. Let's not go right back on".

That's how it ended.
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