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Dinner last night!

Paul and I went out with the Calendettes (Dawn and Kim), Shawn, and Tracy. This month, it was MY hat pick. I had been recommended to try "The Continental" in Philadelphia at the corner of Market and Second by RJ and he was right. Basically, the concept of this place is the neighborhood diner but turned upscale. The food is all served family style as it's prepared to encourage sharing.

Shawn and I arrived first and ordered a pair of martinis from their extensive and creative list. Shawn got a "Dean Martini" which comes with a Lucky Strike cigarette and a pack of matches! ('cause the waiter had to actually send out for more cigs, he gave Shawn and extra cig). While I'm not a smoker, I do believe they should have rights, too. It was odd to be able to see someone light a cigarette at the table of a fine restaurant (especially one with no filter), but I thought in an odd way it added a little class to the joint. (Shawn says he's considering adding a cigar "bar" to his house with a small humidor). I got a "Buzz Aldrin" which had peach flavored vodka mixed with tang and a tang rimmed glass. It was so good, I ordered a second one as my dessert!

The sisters arrived next and Shawn guessed correctly as to their seating arrangements (Dawn and Kim are very particular about where at the table they prefer to sit). I took the seat next to Kim and Shawn took the seat next to Dawn. When Paul and Tracy arrived (Paul and I took separate cars so I could go out afterwards with the rest of the gang), we all got up (it was a round diner type booth) and Tracy ended up next to Shawn and Paul next to me (with the two of them seated together on the inside of the booth). Tracy handed us one more souvenir from Italy (to go with our bottle "Pope"ners)...postcards of the dead monk skull chapel in Rome.

Dawn ordered a Champagne-a-rama, Kim got a chocolate martini and Shawn and Tracy each got Buzz Aldrins.

Then, the full ordering of the food commenced: Kim got the crispy tofu satay, I ordered the cheesesteak eggroll, a side of wasabi mashed potatoes and a plate of the shoestring fries for the table, Paul got the bar-b-q chicken quesidilla and an order of the beer battered shrimp and calamari for the table, Tracy got the continental salad minus chicken (which she ended up sharing with the rest of us, 'cause it was HUGE) and a side of black beans and rice to be served later as her entree (and it was HUGE, too), Shawn got the filet mignon and Dawn got the spinach salad.

First of all...the food starts arriving and it's all good. The plate of fries is HUMONGOUS, the salads were piled to the ceiling, the mashed potatoes had just a little kick from the good, I loved everything I tried. Even the ketchup with my eggrolls was fantastic (having a little spicy kick to it as well). No one needed an invitation to dig in to the family style served food.

Then we ordered desserts. Paul got the banana split and Shawn and Kim each got a chocolate bombe (Shawn got his sans raspberry). Amazing stuff!

Hilarity ensued whenever our waiter arrived at our table at great moments in the conversation: "She's a lesbian now", "the movie she made was SOFT-CORE porn", "she used her mother's dildo on him", etc.

When the check arrived, we balanced it the first time we all put our money in and none of us had to go back and put in extra (even though we'd already paid what we were supposed to) to compensate for anyone else's failed math skills (or cheapness).

After dinner, Paul headed home to relax and I headed out with the gang. Shawn beat us there to "North 3rd"...Tracy met us at the door (I came with Dawn and Kim, leaving my car in the parking garage).

Scott Johnston was our host for "Fancy Pants Cinema"...most of the movies were absolutely terrible, making "Deadhouse" look fantastic by comparison (considering what little I've seen of it from the trailer). The one highlight: "The Boweling Man" made by pretty much all the Transducers (and Chris and Andrea), and starring Scott and Kevin Pfluger (with a cameo at the end by Linette Coady as a prostitute).

At the bar, we played Megatouch "boobies game" (okay, Photo Hunt), and had their Mojito of the best mojitos I've had.

The girls took me back to my car, I drove home and went quickly to bed...

When I got up this morning, I quickly got dressed and headed to the comic shop to pick up "Infinite Crisis" #1 (I'll post about that spoilers).
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