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It's Was My Party and Blog if I want to...


...yesterday was my birthday. I got up early to help work on the sets for the show...I drove following the directions to our production manager's house (we worked in his HUGE garage), which felt like I was driving to East Gippip, but I finally got there.

We painted the massive staircase piece that will be used for Mame's living room (it will be put on wheels and trucked into the set (then locked down)). It was Robin (Paul's cousin by marriage), Nancy Bello (our conductor), her daughter (I think her name was Stephanie), Cathy (we all call her "Scrappy"...she's going to be the stage manager) and I painting. Also, there were two other ladies, one older and one younger but I didn't get introduced to them, who were painting one of the flats to make a faux headboard for Mame's bed.


When I got home I pretty much collapsed on the bed ('cause I could). I napped for about an hour, watched some television (most notably the first installment of Dante's Cove" on Here! TV.

I also played on the Playstation 2 while listening to a bunch of my podcasts. I started out playing Burnout 3 while listening to the Dawn and Drew show (Paul hates the show and doesn't see the appeal, but I like them). I then listened to most of this past week's This Week in Tech, while playing "Astrosmash" and "Royal Dealer" (Crazy Eights) on the Intellivision disc on the Playstation.

When Paul got home, he headed out early with the intention of stopping off at Target before heading to Shawn's for my birthday party. But, BOY, did the skies open up! We were in for some really interesting driving out there. We did stop at Target, but I didn't want to be soaked to the bone for the sake of a DVD purchase, so we instead merely sat in the parking lot listening to the iPod on the Transpod, waiting for visibility to allow us to get to Shawn's safely.

When we got there (a little earlier than Dawn expected, but who really cares?), Dawn, Shawn and Kim were putting out the hors' doevres. We had oreos (those with the orange cream for Hallowe'en), pretzel cracker thing which were really good with the: Calendip! (Kim's spinach dip with the pumpernickel bread squares on the side). They also found these REALLY good new Cheese-it's with spicy nacho flavor. Yum!

I helped myself primarily to just Smirnoff's triple black (with the Lime flavor added which I think improves it), while we sat at the bar and chilled to be joined by Candie and Martin, fresh back from their honeymoon.

They told us about Mexico, while we looked at the candid shots from the one camera that we'd "rescued" from the wedding and then more photos that were on Shawn's computer (of course, while mocking the expressions on our own faces and yelling RHPS styled call-backs to the photos).

Soon, they handed me my presents...from Kim and Dawn were an assortment of Japanese/Korean candies/snacks including: "rice crispy candy", some kind of chip that's just labeled "dressing flavor" (Paul thinks it'll just be Mayonaise flavor, though I'm hoping for oil/vinegar), and these weird squishy tubes labeled "soft drink"...hey, what the hell, I'm game to try them all. They also got me two bottles of "Iron Chef" brand cooking oils. Now that we have a working stove again, we'll be eager to try them (worse to worst we'll bring them with us soon to Kris and Becky's for our turn to cook).

From Shawn: the RHPS trivia game with questions written by Sal Piro. As we were reading the questions to each other (there was no board and who really felt like scoring?), we realized that the questions were in two levels of difficulty: 1) questions any moron could answer. Ex: What's the name of the maid? and 2) questions that only real freaks could answer. Ex: ? I can't remember, but trust me, some of these questions were really into minutia. On top of it, while I except that Shock Treatment questions could be relevant, I almost don't think that questions about the rest of the actors careers (ex. who directed Susan Sarandon in "Dead Man Walking"?) are pertinent to this game.

While reading questions, we were joined by Annabelle (Candie's friend, who is quickly growing on me) and Jim (I wouldn't have expected Lin to come since she was likely recuperating from a LONG HARD day in retail being a Saturday and being a day where it was pouring and stupid people fill the mall when the weather is bad). Jim and Lin got me a Barnes and Noble card. Squee! We quickly shifted to playing:

Donkey Konga 2 on Shawn's Gamecube. I now want a Gamecube, but will wait for the Revolution (which will be backwards compatible to not only the Gamecube but also via downloads to the NES, SNES and N64, will be comparably priced to the Gamecube, AND will be compatible with the bongos). I was a little uncoordinated at first, but soon got the hang of it. I still was dead last most of the time, but I could see improvement throughout the night (though I was better at some songs than others).

When I got home, I took the phone off the hook and I only got up at NOON. Awesome. I'll soon be heading out to Four Star to get my comics and to Target (at last) to pick up "Lois and Clark" season one while it's on sale and then to spend my Barnes/Noble card...whoo-hoo!

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