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This past week...

I know I haven't really blogged about the cool stuff from LAST Weekend yet.

There were two cool things: On Saturday last week (the 24th), we (Paul and I) went to see Jill Sobule at the "Tin Angel". Awesome. I'd been having some shitty weeks at work and this was about five hours or so in heaven. We saw both sets. One at 7 and another at 10pm. Both sets she was joined by an artist named Adam Corona (not Adam Corolla) who opened. His stuff was okay and he kind of reminded me of Big Poppa E/Paul Giamatti (if they had a little brother).

Jill was perfection in her little red plaid spaghetti strapped dress. She sang us two brand new songs (including sing-along portions for the audience and even a member of the audience joining her on stage to dance).

I got to hold her iBook on stage for her lyrics to refer to during the second set (so that I could also model her t-shirt for sale).

On Sunday, we went to Candie and Martin's wedding.

It was beautiful. We were amongst the first people there, 'cause I allowed enough time to drive there. We hung out with Shawn out by the gazebo while they were still setting up for it. Some of the people that arrived at this thing just made me shake my head and they not understand how important a day a wedding is? Do they not know how to dress appropriately? Pretty much, it seems that the Transducers (et al) will always be dressed appropriately, but some family members of the bride and groom will be wearing things like jeans and Hawaiian shirts. WTF?

The ceremony was beautiful, with Neo-Pagan undertones, though they seemed to have "dumbed it down" for the rest of us in the audience (so that the Christians in the families wouldn't be offended?).

The hors d'oevres were good, the drinks were strong (and FREE!), and we all enjoyed our chit-chats out on the veranda despite the heat.

We soon went in to the tables and dinner started. Many of the men in the group were grumbling about missing football and they would sneak off every so often to watch the game in the bar.

Dinner wasn't as good as the hors d'oevres (Kim called it). But...the desserts (with the exception of the cake) were slamming! Moist chocolate cake with amazing rich frosting, cherry swirled cheesecake, cannoli, etc. were all tasty.

This past week since has been a series of get up, go to work, get home exhausted, maybe watch some tv but pretty much just go to bed...lather, rinse, repeat...

We had a nice night last night as the beginning of my week-long birthday celebration (my actual birthday is on Saturday...the 8th)...and will be culminated with my dinner next Tuesday with the Transducers when we all go out afterwards for clubbing at N. 3rd! (I swore to Dawn "Witch's Honor" that I would go out...Paul may take his car separately in case I want to stay out later than he does not having to work the next day).

Becky made tacos and baked a Duncan Hines vanilla cake with vanilla frosting (and chocolate chips sprinkled in the frosting). The only hitch: one of our friends announcements that they've discovered a cancerous cyst in her lymph node. She says that she should be having her surgery some time next week and that the doctors are confident they will get the entire mass in an operation that may only take an hour (in fact, she's not even staying at the hospital after the procedure). Fingers crossed and prayers, people.

Anyway, I'm getting ready to head out, pick up a copy of "Cinderella" and chill out in front of the tube before I head out to my rehearsal for "Mame" tonight. Seeya!
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