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Guys...I'm in the middle of watching "Surface" (I saw a torrent of the first episode on one of the sites I frequent and figured it was just as easy as TiVoing it...I'm definitely adding a season pass to this show). I'm about halfway through the episode and I already can tell I like it. The girl who is the lead is pretty good and it's fairly intriguing (though admittedly reminiscent so far of "The Abyss").

They are rerunning the first episode a few times on Sci-Fi, so check your local listings (or find that torrent) and catch up!

Meanwhile, Paul and I enjoyed the first episode of "How I Met Your Mother" (the new sitcom w/ Allison Hannigan) and I did bittorrent the first episode of "Twins" 'cause I forgot to TiVo it and I'm sorry to say that Sara Gilbert or not I'm probably not going to be watching this one (though I'll give it a second episode since pilots aren't always that funny...they usually have to work some kinks out).
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