Bryan F. Irrera (bfirrera) wrote,
Bryan F. Irrera

Gays Days at Six Flags Great Adventure...

It was nice. I would have been nicer if more was open besides all the coasters, some of the snack bars, some of the stores and the occasional pidly ride. I would also have appreciated some entertainment set up on some of the stages and perhaps MORE lights.

I don't know how someone who was unfamiliar with this park might have made their way around. Once it got dark, it was relatively hard to get your bearings through the park. The map in the park guide is pretty small and only points out the coasters. Some smaller rides were running, but not ALL were. It had been eleven years since we've been to this park, so some stuff had changed. I mean, of course, all the coasters that had been there then were still in the same places, but it was hard to find the entrances to the even the big coasters with minimal lighting.

Also, because Paul can't really ride the coasters (the two I won't ride anymore simply 'cause I don't trust them..."the Runaway Train" and "Rolling Thunder" are the only ones where you don't end up upside down and he gets motion sickness from that), there was little he could do but end up sitting around waiting for me most of the night.

I was looking forward to riding at least the ferris wheel with him...then we walked past it and it made this HORRIBLE noise of screeching metal as it was stopping. It's funny how the pidly ones scare me now more then the big ones.

The only of the big coasters that I decided to sit out was Batman:The Ride...simply because I find it to be a bit uncomfortable.

I did ride: Superman (which was pretty cool until the end when we've stopped and are waiting to disembark and they leave you hanging in the harness for a while), the Great American Scream Machine (only uncomfortable in the later corkscrews when your head bops around), the parachute ride (Paul could go on that with me), the Sponge-Bob Movie thing (which I wouldn't recommend to anyone with a back butt hurt from that one...too many jolting bounces). Medusa (which was very cool and a really nice SMOOTH ride), the "Spin-Meister" (which I still call the "Enterprise" and so does the safety signage), The Music-Express (which Paul and I rode...and wasn't playing any music...again, what's up with that? What? We gays weren't worthy of having music playing on this ride?) Batman and Robin: The Chiller (way too short a ride, but very cool since it also goes backwards)., and Nitro (which I rode twice)

On the plus side:

I bumped into my friend, Vinnie, (whom I know from PANG (not work safe)). We also bumped into Erin, a friend from the old Harwan days (she was "audience"). I rode with her friends on Nitro. Erin tried to get on, but unfortunately, she's a big girl and they really don't make these coasters built for the larger set. Also, Paul got a Kyle Rayner Green Lantern t-shirt for himself at the Superman themed store at the ride.

When we got back to home, we stopped in to the Golden Palace. Now, mind you, this was at 11:30 at night. There was a group of people there with a child. The child couldn't have been more than three. About ten minutes after midnight, the kid started wailing. One of the people at the table said "he must be tired". No duh! But, did they make an effort to start going home? Nope. They were still there when WE left at 12:30. What the fuck, people? Put your kid in bed. Put your kid before all other people. If your friends want to see you, and you want to see them, they can come over your house and keep the volume to a minimum so the kid can get some sleep.

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