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If it pleases you...

Look at your LJ "Interests" list. If you have less than 50 Interests, pick every fifth one. If you have between fifty and seventy-five Interests, pick every seventh one. If you have over seventy-five Interests, pick every tenth one. If you have fewer than ten, use them all. List them in your LJ, and tell everyone exactly what it is about these things that interests you so much.

Okay, so, every tenth one of my LJ interests listed would be:

Batgirl - I've always been a big fan of Barbara Gordon. The Batman television show with Yvonne Craig, her appearances in Detective Comics and Batman Family (especially Batman Family, where she and Robin (then Dick Grayson) were the "Dynamite Duo") and even her post-wheelchair appearances as Oracle, starting out in Suicide Squad and then in Birds of Prey (both the Television series and the comic book). I just can't get enough of Babs.

Brett Fauver - Brett, also known as derylykt, is a wonderful actor and director whose work I admire. I've had the pleasure of being on stage with him three times and being directed by him twice (and one of those shows was two of those things at once). He always encourages me in my art as an actor and as a director, and has helped to pull better performances out of me.

Culture Club - Second perhaps only to Eurythmics as my all-time favorite musical group, this music group fronted by Boy George is one of the few groups I've had the pleasure to see live (I've gone to very few concerts in my life). In high school, I had this beautiful poster on my bedroom wall of George and I would stare at it every day. His voice is sublime and his music transports me to so many great places.

Dr. Scott - Dr. Scott is the role I've played the most when at the Rocky Horror Picture Show. He was my main part when performing with the Transducer Players and my primary part (along with Columbia) while performing with the Seven Hours Old. Along with Columbia, he is my favorite character in the show to play to this day. He's got the fun accent, I can be sort of a prop in the wheelchair, and I've had fun coming up with "freeze poses" and "reveals" at the end of the movie...

Gay Bears - Since discovering the gay subculture of Bears, I've found that I'm primarily attracted to this type of man. I used to have a lot of problems dealing with my sexuality, primarily due to the way we are portrayed in the media...we are always seen as being some dumb little twink (ala Jack from Will and Grace). On top of it, all the men I saw in the magazines/porn videos during my coming out years were primarily the surfer dude/California/blonde/bare chested type and they just didn't appeal to me. I prefer the older, "Daddy" type of man. Also, I find I like my man to be someone I can hold ON to.

Hank Hightower - Hank is a porn actor, primarily appearing in Bear films. He's a masculine appearing man, who isn't afraid to appear on screen as a bottom. In the older days, the masculine man was only the top and wouldn't ever consider the notion. I like that he illustrates that one can get fucked by another man and still be masculine.

John Waters - His movies are an inspiration to continue in your art, whatever it may be. They show that as long as you make art to please yourself others may be pleased. You are not alone. There really are other freaks out there who think like you do. He has a wonderfully twisted way of viewing/presenting the world.

Margaret Cho - Wonderfully outspoken, extremely funny. Need I say more?

Nudity - Many of you out there may not know this, but I'm pretty much a nudist. If I'm out in public, whether at work or whatever, yes, of course, I wear clothes, but once I'm home I'm generally most comfortable in the nude. As soon as I walk in the door, my clothes come off and don't come back on until I have to step back out of the door. If we're close enough friends, I may very well be naked in front of you without a second thought. I've been a member of a nudist organization (Philadelphia Area Naked Guys) on and off for years and only swim in the nude.

Phoebe Buffay - Phoebe is Lisa Kudrow's character on "Friends". Over the years, they slowed it down, but Phoebe initially became my favorite "Friend" simply on the merit of her songs..."Smelly Cat", "Grandma's Dead", "How We Make Hamburger", "Sticky Shoes" etc are all classics...but, really, she's always been the most intriguing of the friends simply because of her back story...raised by her grandmother (which I was) after her mother committed suicide she eventually became a homeless person...and some time later met Monica and became a massage therapist/lounge singer.

Ron Jeremy - Okay, if we're talking about hairy men, and men in pornography, you don't get much hairier in porn than Mr. Jeremy. (Ronald Jeremy Hyatt) Though he's featured in straight porn, he's a fascination for me primarily for that forest on his chest and he's got a beautiful big cock. When he was younger and slimmer he was actually quite attractive. On top of that, his comic delivery in many of his films (intentional) is priceless. I know that others don't see the attraction, but he was actually really hot back in the old days:

Smirnoff Ice - I've never been much of a beer drinker, but this bottled alcoholic drink pleases my palatte to no end. It's (to me) better than Mike's Hard Lemon. I've also appreciated when I'm at a bar, want to have an alcoholic drink, but don't want to go fo the hard liquor.

Tales of the City - this is a series of novels (and later for at least the first half of the titles a series of television mini-series) by Armistead Maupin. They focus on the residents of 28 Barbary Lane, an apartment building owned by Mrs. Anna Madrigal, an excentric landlady (who grows her own marijuana on the property). Most of the books were originally written as a serial in a San Francisco newspaper. They are addictive. You can't read just one. I burned through all six over the course of one summer.

Too Much Joy - One of my other favorite bands and coincidentally one of the few I have also seen live. They are, unfortunately, still sort of my "little secret" I guess. They've sort of disbanded and formed various other side projects over the years, but still keep a website together for the original band and all of the side projects (where they include free mp3s at: Years ago, one of my college friends, Barbara Gardenhier, went to a concert/club show. At the concert, Too Much Joy played and they threw a bunch of their album (on cassette) into the audience. The album was "Son of Sam I Am". During a lunch break one day, we went out to her car and she played the album for me. I fell in love with it and went on a quest to find it. I've since turned Michael Nelson, K.O. Myers III and others onto the band over the years. Paul and I each have an album signed by them.

X-Men - Here more for the comics than the cartoons or movies, I've had a long on-again off-again reading relationship (depending on who the current writers are) with this series of series of comic books. There are some characters I don't particularly care for and therefore don't follow them in their solo books (*cough* Emma Frost *cough*), but for the most part, the books are a good place to find pure superhero action, mixed with a tinge of soap opera. I'm especially a fan of two of the X-Men: Ororo/Storm and Kitty Pryde/Shadowcat. Kitty was my age when I started reading the series (14). At the point when I jumped in (just at the end of the Brood saga and just as the Morlocks were being introduced), Storm became to me one of the most intriguiing characters. She had interesting powers, a semi-fleshed out backstory (including a childhood as a trained thief), and soon into my reading the book sported a cool look with a mohawk and leather jacket (still my favorite look for her). The day after my grandfather died, which was kind of a weird nebulous day 'cause we couldn't have the funeral right away and had to wait til the following day for it, I just wanted to retreat away from the whole situation and went to my room and did nothing but read and organize my X-men related books for seven hours plus. They pulled me through that very rough patch.


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