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Saw three movies in the theatre today!

(2 were at the DeMarco and 1 was at the Ritz in Voorhees)

I started off my viewing day with "Madagascar" by Dreamworks. First off...I thought this was pretty cute. However, I think this could really upset the really small children 'cause it does deal with the possibility of one of the animals eating the other animals (though they do manage to escape). I did laugh out loud a few times during the movie though (at bits that referenced various other movies...I doubt these moments would be funny to the kids, 'cause I would hope they haven't seen "American Beauty" or other such movies...).

Next up: The Fantastic Four. I'd heard some harsh things about this one from other comic geeks. They need to get a grip. This was probably the only way they could bring these characters into the new millenium. The only other way they could make this movie and be true to the characters is by making a period piece set during the Cold War/Kennedy's Camelot period and the kiddies wouldn't necessarily enjoy that.

Chris Evans as Johnny Storm is damn hot and we get lots of glimpses at his cut abs (including one scene wherein he's naked covered only by a ski-jacket held over his most private area...great. The only weak link in this one for me would have to be Ioan Gruffudd who seemed a little too dumb to be Reed Richards (he always seemed to have this moronic stare on his face). Julian McMahon was wonderfully sinister as Dr. Doom and I almost wished he didn't have to put on that mask, 'cause he ended up looking as hokey as the Green Goblin in it.

I loved the character bits between the Torch and the Thing and felt they were some of the best, true to the comics moments.


Then Paul and I headed down to Voorhees, ate at Fuddrucker's, and went to see the Aristocrats (not to be confused with the AristoCATS which is a different thing entirely...kinda like when my grandmother almost took me to see Fritz the Cat when I was three years old, thinking it was Felix the Cat). Just look at this cast list.

This movie is about each of these comedians discussing a particular joke. A joke that was never meant for them to tell on stage. A joke that they only really tell to each other. A joke so foul, so filthy that Phyllis Diller says she fainted the first time she heard it. It only gets worse as the movie goes on...and if you are like Paul and I you won't stop laughing through the entire movie. Stand outs: Sarah Silverman, Gilbert Gottfried, Carrie Fisher (who technically doesn't tell that joke but a variation on the theme), Mario Cantone telling the joke as Liza Minnelli and Bob Saget, who is way bluer than those of you who have only seen him on "Full House" might imagine.

Awesome. Decidedly not for all tastes. But, I laughed until I had tears coming out of my eyes. Isn't that REALLY the best thing you can say about a comedy?

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