Bryan F. Irrera (bfirrera) wrote,
Bryan F. Irrera

Letter to TVGuide (I sent this to

Dear Sirs,

I have to wonder about the actors/characters you chose for the article "TV's Top 10 Scene Stealers" in the August 21-27 issue. I only watch ONE of the shows you included in the article.

As it turns out, that one character, Joe DuBois, played by Jake Weber, at least for me, is the LEAST appealing aspect of the show. The cliffhanger this year left us with the possibility that Joe would be leaving Alison and I'm hoping that they follow through with it (though your article appearing this close to the new season's premiere makes me lose my hope).

Every week, while she is trying to solve a crime, Joe admonishes her and wishes she could be just like all the other wives. This may have been fine back in the late 60s when Darrin Stevens forced his wife to give up what made HER special, but, also, Samantha didn't have to worry about saving lives.

The only storylines the writers have created for his character involve his somehow being jealous of her abilities or otherwise condescending about them, even though episode after episode she proves that they're real.

Hopefully, if the writers do bring him back, it will be with renewed confidence in his wife.

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