Bryan F. Irrera (bfirrera) wrote,
Bryan F. Irrera

Philly Zoo and Wildwood Boardwalk...

This morning we got up pretty that we could get to Kris and Becky's house at 8:00 (roughly) and pack up the two of them and Maia for her (and Paul's) birthday and all go to the Philadelphia Zoo together.

All in all, that turned out to be a pretty nice trip (and not a bad dry run for what at least one day on our big trip next year to Disney World might be like). We got there when there were hardly any cars in the lot (which was packed full when we were leaving). We managed to finish the entire trip through the zoo in just four hours (we didn't go to the birdhouse (though I would have been willing to wait for them somewhere if they'd wanted least Becky would have been with me).

We saw so many different beautiful animals...from the standard ones you expect to see at the zoo like elephants and giraffes, to some more exotic ones like a pair of Douc Langur (primates with the most beautiful porcelain masks). Other highlights: the giant otters (pups were recently born here), Maia riding a camel, the anteater (an absolutely beautiful creature to behold it turns out).

When we got home, we both napped for a while.

Then, at about 6 or so, Jarvis and R.J. came over and we drove down to the boardwalk.

We started in the boardwalk "mall" where I bought a talking wind-up tram car (it says "watch the tram car, please"!). We started eating with slices of Jumbo's pizza (I again had the cheesesteak pizza, R.J. got a slice of bar-b-q chicken pizza, Paul had white pizza and Jarvis got just plain with cheese). We also shared a bucket of Curley's fries, I got some fried oreos and the boys got corn dogs. On top of that, we each enjoyed a few rounds of skee-ball to top off the night...all in all, I think Paul enjoyed his birthday, too.
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