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Goodbye Liberty Avenue...

I'm depressed suddenly by the loss of "Queer As Folk"...It just hit me that I'm not going to be able to visit with these characters again, except in reruns/on DVD.

...I haven't felt this empty on the closure of a television show since maybe "Roseanne"...I mean, I wasn't happy when "Friends" went off the air, but there was the (now I know EMPTY) promise of "Joey" still being around...that show was more "After M.A.S.H." than "Frasier" to say the least.

I think, 'cause I identified so strongly with the characters. Not only were they gay characters, but the two best friends on the show (who had a rocky friendship throughout) were named Brian and Michael, the one was a comic book geek, his mother, Debby, was an idealized version of Paul's mother, Linda. I've been through so much with these characters...coming out, cancer, gay marriage, gay divorce, a gay bashing or two, a murder investigation, drug addictions/interventions, sexual exploration, etc.

To the cast and crew of the show...thank you for creating these characters and keeping them going for five seasons...especially through this political climate.
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