Bryan F. Irrera (bfirrera) wrote,
Bryan F. Irrera

Film Festival After Party

After the movie and the Q&A (for "Beverly Kills"), I went down to introduce myself to Kurt Koehler, creator of "Taco Chick and Salsa Girl", and Stephanie Orff, who produced/appeared in "Beverly Kills" (and starred as "Destiny Rutt" in "Fag Hag").

I introduced myself to Stephanie as her biggest fan. Damion pretty much backed me up on that one. I told her that I'd been a big fan of all of Damion's movies so far and that I especially would like a CD of the music featured in the movies (a great deal of which she has sung).

I was also introduced to Rick Sparks, who not only starred in "Beverly Kills", but also starred as Peter Pan in Damion's wonderful Neverland.

We then headed over to the 12 Street Air Command, where we chit-chatted over vodka/cranberry.

For me, it was nice not only to get to spend time with my friend, Chet, who was one of the volunteers this year at the festival, but also to finally get to spend some quality time with Damion, who I've had an e-mail correspondence with for years. I consider him a friend. I'm happy to add that I think the same can be said for Stephanie (I was very glad to know that she was just as funny without a script in hand).

Hopefully, for whatever Damion's next movie will be at a future festival, Saadia Bilman (who has been in all of Damion's films so far) will be able to join him.
Tags: alcohol, friends/with benefits/chet, gay_bar/12th_st_air_command, movie/filmfests/philly/gaylesbian, movies/damion_dietz, philly/gayborhood

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