Bryan F. Irrera (bfirrera) wrote,
Bryan F. Irrera

WTC View - (Philadelphia Gay and Lesbian Film Festival movie 9)

The second film I saw yesterday was WTC View. The festival page for it is here.

This film, written by Brian Sloan (who wrote one of favorite festival picks of the past: I Think I Do), depicts the aftermath of 9/11 from a very particular perspective.

Based partly on his own experiences of looking for a roommate, having placed an ad online for his apartment on 9/10/2001, the movie depicts a young man who lives in a 12th street apartment, close to the wreckage with what used to be a view of the World Trade Center (but is now, seemingly, just a view of rising smoke/dust), interviewing potential roommates. It astounds him at first that people are actually willing to come look at the apartment considering where in the city it is located, but each of these people have very specific reasons themselves for needing a new place to live.

They all/most also have a curiosity to see "the view" from the window.

Eric, the young man, grows increasingly paranoid as the weeks progress, as sirens continue to wail through the night and smog rises contaminating the air around him.

Great performances throughout highlight this window into a dark period in our recent history. It could only really be depicted this honestly (including with some bits of gallows humor) by someone who actually lived through it, there in the heart of NYC.

I gave it a great.

I hope that it comes to theatres soon so that more people can see it. Don't shy away from it because of the dark subject matter. It may be, perhaps, a catharsis for those of us still reeling from that tragedy.
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