Bryan F. Irrera (bfirrera) wrote,
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FAQs - (Philadelphia Gay and Lesbian Film Festival movie 8)

The first of three movies I saw yesterday was FAQs.the film festival page is here.

One clue that this film isn't so hot is that the creators didn't even bother to finish filling out the page (note the amount of actors listed on the festival page compared to

One of the "actors" not listed is Adam Larson (MTV's Road Rules: The Quest (Morocco/Spain). He wasn't good. He was pretty to look at. Maybe that's all that was expected of him.

This movie kind of saddened me because of all of the lost potential. When it first started and focused primarily on a drag queen vigilante who saved a young gay hustler from fag bashers, taking him under his/her wing, I was very involved in the story. The acting and writing was very good.

Then, the story changed with the hustler trying to take in more homeless/hustler gay boys and then "recruiting" the fag bashers to help them to come out (since most fag bashers are actually gay themselves and are merely acting out on their own internalized homophobia).

Well, once he's gotten one of the bashers (the one played by the guy from Road Rules), the other one starts to break down. Throughout the latter half of the film, we keep switching back to him constantly putting a gun to his head to kill himself (because he realizes that it's true that he is gay). When he finally confronts the other characters, while brandishing his gun and breaks down crying (he's also been crying throughout the movie up to this point) while professing his love for his friend, the acting and script are so over the top campy that I wasn't the only one who burst into fits of laughter (which I doubt was intentional).

My first instinct was to vote this one a "fair", but the first half of the movie and the performances of actors Allan Louis (as Destiny, the drag queen) and Joe Lia (as India, the young hustler) persuaded me to vote "good".
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