Bryan F. Irrera (bfirrera) wrote,
Bryan F. Irrera

Cumberland Players - Tommy

When I arrived at the theatre, I was immediately happy to see Sia running the box office. She's really grown up into a sweet young lady.

When I was seated, I saw that they have really embraced the open curtain thing. The stage had instruments half-hidden behind scenery (a pair of keyboards, a drum set, two guitars and a bass). There was also a large screen suspended from the rafters displaying the logo of the play.

The screen displayed both slides and video, setting the scenes and commenting on/responding to the action. The cast/ensemble was filled with energy. I also liked how well the ensemble gelled when it came to performing all the mimes required of them throughout the piece (great facial expressions, etc.).

Kristen Lazos sang beautifully as Mrs. Walker (Tommy's mother). She also did some great acting, being a real stand out (especially in the "Smash the Mirror" sequence). Sarah Medcalf, who played Gypsy ("Acid Queen") blew me away with the voice she had...I want to be the president of her fan club (and talking to her after the show was also nice. She's very friendly and is sharp as a whip.).

The band was smokin' was fun to watch Anne Buckwheat rocking out on her guitar next to her son Ryan on his electric guitar!
Tags: community_theatre/cp

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