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Last night was the half-way mark on my film festival this year.

Two awards were presented at the film.

One was given to Kathy Najimy" for Artistic Achievement. Unfortunately, Kathy couldn't be there. However, she sent a pre-taped acceptance speech that was hysterical and inspiring. They also showed a career highlight reel.

Then, they showed a "career" highlight reel of Peter Paige, who was also being honored as The First recipient of a "Gay Icon" Award. I put career in quotes, 'cause it amounted to a scene from the film we were about to see, a couple of scenes from some movie that I've never heard of (and I've been in the business since 1994) and a whole lot of scenes of Mr. Paige as Emmett. They didn't even put in his scenes from "Will and Grace"!

Anyway, the movie wasn't so great. It was Say Uncle. The film festival page for it is here. I'd originally gotten the ticket, 'cause I also wanted to go to the party being held afterwards at the MTV house. Both Peter Paige and Kathy Najimy would be there, so I might as well see the movie they were promoting, right?

Well, anyway, Kathy Najimy dropped out and the next day, they announced that they lost the party location. They gave out refunds for party tickets (I got my money back on Wednesday).

A new party site was created...for free admittance, but after seeing the film, I really didn't want to celebrate it.

The story revolves around a man who is struck lonely after his god-son's parents move away taking his god-son with them and he decides that he needs to befriend new kids...so he starts to hang around at the playground and gets a job at a toy store. Kathy Najimy plays a neighborhood mother who begins to suspect that he may be a child molester.

I kind of felt myself agreeing more with Kathy Najimy's character. "Uncle Paul" was kind of creepy. How could he not see that his behaviour was suspect?

I gave this one a "fair"

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