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Wet Palms - (Philadelphia Gay and Lesbian Film Festival movie 3)

On Wednesday, I saw two films. The first was Wet Palms. The festival page for this movie is here. This was the soft-core edit of a number of episodes of this new porn soap opera. I've always thought this would be a great idea for the porn industry. They have enough actors who are capable of actually acting beyond the sex stuff, so why not. Now, I want to see the rest of the episodes and some of the hard-core versions of the scenes. Some of the guys weren't much to write home about, but some were just spectacular looking (some weren't really my type). The story was interesting and the campy acting was hysterical (it kind of reminded me of "Spyder Games")

I gave this one a "good".
Tags: movie/filmfests/philly/gaylesbian, movies/movie_reviews, pornography

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