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Catching up with you folks...

Okay...I really haven't been posting lately, 'cause I didn't want this to turn into just "Bryan's bitching about work" journal. I'm beginning to be really bored and frustrated at work...I'm feeling more and more like Lucy at the Candy Factory. Nothing gets done, the stuff that does get done is quickly undone by customers, fellow staff or the home office, the in-store music has drastically changed for the worse (driving us all even more insane than it ever did), etc.

At any rate, I've had a few fun nights in the past week to make up for it:

4th of July - after working a full shift at work (8am to 1:30pm - no break), went home, showered, changed, grabbed a swimsuit and towel and headed to Chris and Andi's annual pool party/barbecue. I've realized that by spending all of my holidays with the Transducers...well, they're my family.

We played pool volleyball (with multi ball)...the only real rule is that the person to knock the last ball out of the pool has to go retrieve them points, no other structure...makes the game all the more relaxing.

Chris made a great teriyaki sauce for a steak that Shawn barbecued. Later, Jim and Lin joined the group and Jim took over the grilling chores (that's honestly where he's happiest at these parties I think...he also took over bartending at the party we held on Friday for Matt). He concocted a great rub for the next big steak and assorted sausages and burgers. They were phenomenal.

At about 9:00pm, we headed out to the park where we watch the fireworks (don't want to say where and create even more crowds than there already are...sorry, locals), but we could hear a (free) Joan Jett concert being held nearby before the fireworks started.

On Tuesday, we had "make your own pizza" night at Kris and Becky's house. Two big bobolis, fresh tomatoes, a can of sliced black olives, an orange bell pepper, thick-sliced pepperoni, sliced and diced onions and a selection of shredded cheeses and pasta sauces...yum. We played this awful board game: The Battle of the Sexes. Partly awful, 'cause it supposes that men only know about sports and auto mechanics and women only know about make-up and clothes (seemingly from most of the questions we got), but also because the game mechanics are pretty clunky and the rules are not very clear.

On Friday night, we went to Shawn's for Matt's birthday. At Dawn's suggestion, Paul brought hot wings from Wild Wings in Vineland (he says they are the best in our area and the closest to authentic). Dawn made these cute little hamburger shaped cookies (nilla wafers, peppermint patties, green colored coconut flakes and yellow/red frosting). We were going to watch a PPV of a Jerry Springer special, but it hadn't actually been released yet, so we ended up watching "Team America"...still VERY funny.

Last night, I went to the Gay/Lesbian Film Festival for the first of my ten movies. I'll write about that later tonight...after I get home from my second film.
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