Bryan F. Irrera (bfirrera) wrote,
Bryan F. Irrera

The Philadelphia Gay/Lesbian Film Festival

...don't want to jinx myself out of my tickets (which I guess I'll be picking up tomorrow) by saying what I want to see just yet, but I just got my Festival book in the mail today. I'm going to be driving into Philly tomorrow to get my tickets!

I'm just so excited. Some of my all-time favorite movie directors/screenwriters from past festivals have new stuff this time out: Damion Dietz, Don Roos and Brian Sloan. There's also going to be a new "episode" from the creators of Superfag! (the Adventures of Taco Chick and Salsa Girl).

There's even going to be a party with celebs (Kathy Najimy and Peter Paige) held at the Real World Philadelphia House (awesome. I'm SO going to be there if it's not already sold out).

I've already picked out my ten pack. No documentaries this time. But, I did pick out an interesting series of lesbian shorts...
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