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Third Friday and beyond...

Last night was quite fun. I didn't hit as many places as usual because I really didn't want to walk in the rain.

I started out parking near Rita's studio (In Progress...) at 504 1/2 N. High St. As I was heading to her studio, I saw that there was a sign that the studio wouldn't be open until 7pm (this was about 6:30pm). I looked up and saw her approaching from down the block with a friend.

I handed her the book I crossed last night, to leave in her studio (to give everyone ample opportunity to grab it, if they wanted to).

I then headed directly to "Wind Chimes Book Exchange" where I picked up a "Star Trek" novel for reading/crossing and a collection of plays by Ibsen (to add to my collection and to read for the unofficial playreading committee for Brett). While there, I chatted with Melody, who said that she sent me an e-mail, but for some reason I'd never gotten it. I've sent her a new e-mail and hopefully, I'll get a reply this time...(I think she may have gotten trapped in either the spam filter or the virus scanner). Melody, if you're reading this (you mentioned you read the journal), please post a comment below (you can post a comment without being on would just list it as "anonymous").

From there, I headed upstairs to the Holly City Repertory Theatre. They were going to be doing scenes from "Alabama Rain" as a preview...I plan to see the show this coming week and don't like seeing pieces of something I'm about to see (don't want any "surprises" ruined...though I'm sure they saved the really good stuff for the actual play), I just kind of poked my head in briefly to say hello...

I headed on down the street, bypassing the Fath building, since I would stop there on my way back. I went to the RRCA. Again, there were WAY TOO MANY people in here...between the rain and the draw of the TONS of new pieces here. I think I'll have to make time to come here during this next month and be able to look through without other distractions...

On the way back to the FATH building (where the Tawes gallery is located), I stopped again into the new soon-to-be restaurant at "Winfield's"...this will definitely be a later "hat pick" for "eat this"...(meaning, I'll pick this restaurant's name to be put in the hat we choose our monthly dinner destinations from).

I went down to the Tawes and again, it was nice to see a lot of NEW art down there (which hopefully means that some of the other stuff has sold). There was a band playing down there, but I didn't catch their names (they were pretty good though).

I headed by to "Art Support" and visited with Terri. It's a shame that the places off of High Street get so lost in the shuffle...I also didn't go to the new gallery that's on Second St. (completely forgot) and skipped the places on Pine this time (again, I really didn't want to walk around too much in the wet). I hung out with Terri for a little bit and she read some of her new poems to me.

I then headed over to Beth's bakery and bought a banana muffin and some mini carrot cakes which I'll probably be devouring later tonight...

I then proceeded back to my car, deposited the books and baked goods and headed upstairs to Rita's studio. Up there, I met up with Marni and Bob, Rita's mom (also named Rita) who I'd met two months before while painting the mural and an old friend...Tim Gannotta (I went to school with Tim (have to struggle not to say "Timmy") since 4th grade).

[sidebar: have the rest of you noticed that phenomenon...when do/did we stop calling our friends by their childhood derivatives? Do we always do that or are their people who are still Bobby instead of Bob or Timmy instead of Tim?]

Oh, let me explain what we were doing at Rita's! Rita set out a bunch of different art supplies (crayons, markers, colored pencils, watercolor paints, acrylic paints, etc.) and put out big cards with blocks put on them. Each block represented a "trading card". You were expected to draw/paint/doodle/color in a block (as many as nine were on a card) and then sign the back. You would then place your finished art pieces (you could wait until you finished an entire sheet, then cut them out) into a basket where everyone else was placing theirs. You would then take as many out as you placed in (I did 12, so I took 12). You could also directly trade with the other people present. This is currently going on in the art community all over the world!

I was quite excited by making the trading cards and picked up a binder for my cards that I got. It was hard in some cases to let some of it go...I know that it was interesting to see that some of the cards that I'd placed in the basket had gone quite fast...

...Rita did a portrait of me on one card that she traded to me. It's going to be one of my favorites in my collection. I have three of Rita's and one of our old friend, Don Shaw's. I have twelve in all (that's how many drawings/doodles I did).

It was nice to be able to just sit around and do art with a bunch of people at a big table as if we were back in art class in elementary school. I also liked Rita's choice of refreshments: the usual chips/pretzels, etc. with PEANUT BUTTER AND (strawberry) JELLY sandwiches! How refreshing!

Afterwards, I joined Jackie Hair and the Fauvers (Brett and Stephanie) at the Millville Queen for late dinner where we chatted about art/theatre/etc.
Today, I'm at the movie theatre from only 2-6pm and then I'm going to go to Four Star and get my comics. After reading a bit, I plan to veg in front of the set and do the first of two (tonight and tomorrow) "24" marathons (four tonight, three tomorrow and Tuesday's finale on Tuesday)...please, I haven't seen it for a while...I'm seven episodes behind...don't post any spoilers!
I have to pick up some fresh milk and juice at the supermarket and may also get my self a six-pack of that Bacardi Silver O3 (though I don't think so...don't want to sit and drink alone)...maybe it would be better to just get some ACTUAL orange soda instead of ALCOHOLIC orange soda?
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