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Wildwood Days

Yesterday we took a drive down the shore to Wildwood. Not everything was opened yet for the summer (or at any rate, the piers weren't opened yet...or may only be open on the weekend or something til the kids get out of school.

However, it was nice to be down on the boardwalk without all the crowds, even though it was strange not to see the rides running (not that we necessarily ride all the rides or anything).

We parked at a lot on Wildwood Avenue (the old lot that I used to use there is not there anymore, but this place was still very cheap for parking: $5.00 for the day). Went up onto the boards and walked half-length ('cause we tend to park towards the middle) towards the Spencer Avenue pier.

We usually don't go beyond that pier since there's not a whole lot that way. We started shopping in the Atlantic Book Wearhouse store that faces the pier. We didn't really find anything that grabbed us this time, which was odd.

We then stopped at "Snow White" on the Boardwalk and grabbed a pair of cheeseburgers fresh off the grill (only $0.99 each!). We then stopped into Jumbo's pizza for their famous giant slice of cheesesteak pizza (featured on the TV Food Network).

It was great with an Orange-Ade!

We walked the boards for a couple of hours. We were both a little too full (already? I know) to grab either a funnel cake or Curley's fries, but that's why we're going to have to make a few trips this summer!

Before heading home, we stopped into Laura's Fudge and picked up some fudge, some salt water taffy and I got some key lime chocolate truffles (yum!).

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