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Secret Cinema!

Tonight I went to a free movie in Philadelphia.

It was one of the "Secret Cinema" presentations. Tonight's was the movie The Choppers from 1961. It starred Arch Hall Jr., who has also appeared in Eegah! (featured on MST3K). Pretty much, apparently, his father, Arch Hall Sr., directed the movies he was in, which also feature Arch singing "rock and roll" numbers in the hopes of making his son a star!

Preceding the film were two shorts. One was a Droopy cartoon (Tex Avery) and the other was a somewhat silly look at "Camera Magic" from the William Castle company.

It was held on the roof of the Whole Foods market on South Street in Philadelphia. The market has a two floor parking garage above it (on the second floor and the roof/third floor). There was a big white wall in one corner upon which the films were displayed, so we were out in the open air.

The admission was free, though to get your parking ticket validated (if you parked in the garage) you'd have had to make a purchase in the market (not a bad deal...considering that gave us an entire supermarket including a salad bar, Jamba Juice bar, deli, bakery and produce section to function as a HUGE concession stand. (I bought chocolate cookies, bagel chips from the bakery and an odwalla bar). It was a fun night and I hope to go to future events like this.

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