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Summer Reading...

Well, I read RuPaul's Blog this morning (as I do most every morning), and he mentioned recently rereading Animal Farm by George Orwell. His post reminded me of the way I feel about the book Brave New World (in fact, I recently bought another copy of that to give to Becky to read this summer, since I'd made a reference to it in conversation that she hadn't's one of my all-time faves and I wanted to share it with her).

Anyway, I e-mailed RuPaul this morning and suggested that he read it, too, and I would read "Animal Farm" (which I've already started online). I hope to grab a copy of the acutal book tomorrow at the mall (or I might just wait until Friday afternoon and get one at Wind-Chimes (the used book store in Millville).

Anyway, I was actually kind of excited by the fact that RuPaul responded so quickly to my e-mail. He's someone who I really admire.

I've so far only read the first chapter of the book, but I can see I'm in for a ride (I was never assigned it in school).

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