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FYE in North Jersey.

First of all, let me say that I loved the mall that we went to (Willowbrook Mall in Wayne, NJ). Some of the kiosks there were nicer than some of the stores at Cumberland Mall. The food court was slamming: Wendy's, Taco Bell, Ben & Jerry's, Bourbon St, Magic Wok, Nathan's/Arthur Treacher's, etc. They had a Ruby Tuesday, a California Pizza Kitchen AND a Cheesecake Factory.

The store we were in was probably about three quarters the size of our store, but had a lot more packed into it (we don't realize how lucky we are to have the open plan/space that we have). Not one section we saw was alphabetized or showed signs of having been in a while. Granted, things were BASICALLY where they belonged, but really out of whack.

Lots of random stuff was placed in the collections section(s)...they were the worst parts of the store. We ended up having to do LOTS of artist cards (a LOT of product without any way to find them).

When I did the "Showtunes" section, I suggested they may want to hire a homosexual, at least for one day a week, to keep that section in better had lots of GREAT stuff, too. I picked up the new "Forbidden Broadway" (which never even came to OUR store).

Lots of people came to help this place. We (Kandyce, Michael, Joey and I) ended up leaving around 6-ish...when we got home to Vineland, we realized that we'd spent twelve hours together...we were all a little punchy by then.

I'm kind of blah now...!
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