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The end of an era...

Sometime tomorrow (since the phone line says that their customer service line is only open Monday to Friday), I'll be finally making one of the first steps towards controlling the trash heap of junk mail that builds up in our house: I'm cancelling a subscription to the only magazine we receive that we don't read.

The other magazines that I/we get: Entertainment Weekly (usually read it pretty much cover to cover), Newsweek (I occasionally glance through it, Paul reads it every week), The Advocate (when it arrives we read it...we seem to get about every other issue or so and that's always the way it's been for years), some coin magazines that Paul gets and reads and my one porn mag indulgence: 100% Beef (I do want to subscribe to "Unzipped" as well, 'cause the articles are always interesting even if the pictures lean more towards the twinks).

I recently let my long-standing subscription to "Comics Buyers Guide" lapse 'cause it just wasn't a good magazine anymore. I used to love it when it was a weekly paper. I looked forward to it every week. But, when they went monthly, too much of the space was taken over by a farshtunkeneh price guide and not enough other content (that I didn't already read on comic based news pages and web-blogs!).

But, now, in the age of the TiVo, it's time to finally put my long-standing "TV Guide" subscription to rest. I can't honestly tell you the last time I actually read the thing. I never look at the guide itself and the articles seem so out of touch with what I actually watch these days anyway. On top of it, I still don't get the whole mind-set of this past week featuring "Star Wars" on the cover. Yes, I know there have been "Star Wars" related TV Shows: the Clone Wars cartoon, the Droids cartoon, The Ewoks cartoon and TV-movies and of course, the Holiday Special. But, none of these things were featured on the covers (and isn't it strange that the lenticular covers were only on the newstand and NOT sent to subscribers? I mean, with "Entertainment Weekly" the subscribers get MORE in their magazine not less...there's the montly "Listen To This" section that is only available with a subscription and there have been some cool DVDs in the past year that have only been available to subscribers in the major markets (for example: we got the first episodes of "Huff" and "Jack and Bobby" weeks before they aired)).

I rely more on word of mouth (co-workers and those of you on LJ), TiVo Recommendations, and just dumb luck to help me find good shows (and of course, they aren't the shows that are featured in the magazine). I also found it funny that while looking for the subscription service phone number today it was like looking for the fake ad in Games magazine...(another magazine I really think we should re-subscribe to...I miss that one!). In the back of the TV Guide was a "Comcast" specific guide and I think that is interesting since 1) we have DirecTV so it doesn't apply to us and 2) it's been so long that we haven't looked through the TV Guide that I didn't even know this section of articles existed in the back of the magazine.

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