Bryan F. Irrera (bfirrera) wrote,
Bryan F. Irrera

Thursday night... - dining out for life

On Thursday night, though we ended up arriving a little late (damn finding parking in Philadelphia) we had a wonderful dinner with Kim, Dawn and Tracy at "the Astral Plane" . This time everyone enjoyed everything they ordered (simply because Shawn wasn't there to have his usual bad luck, I guess).

Dawn got a soup since Chris wasn't there to order one (tee-hee) was pretty good...similar to french onion soup but also with garlic and mushrooms in it!

Paul got an appetizer of goat-cheese and sun-dried tomatoe raviolis in a sauce that contained anise (sprinkled with pine nuts). He also got a steak served with mashed potatoes.

I got a salmon quesadilla, served with a mango-salsa and a fresh green salad (with a tangy (non-honey) mustard vinagrette). Yum, yum, yum!

Everyone else's dinners were very good.

Now...onto the important part of the meal: the desserts (all off the just head over to the big dessert selection cart and let your server know which things featured that day you want). Paul got a chocolate filled eclair (with vanilla frosting), I got a kahlua and chocolate cake, Kim got a chocolate /hazelnut cake, Tracy got a cherry tart and Dawn got a flourless chocolate cake...which was so rich and smooth you wouldn't believe it.

Excellent. And a third of our bill (and then some placed in an envelope privately by each of us) was given to AIDS charities.

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