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Sims 2 House finished

I forgot to take a couple of the pictures, but they will be up in the next few days (I slightly changed the sitting area upstairs (the study area)) with a different couch. I also changed the tiling in the kitchen and took out some of the tiling in the bathroom. You can get a glimpse of the (new) kitchen floor in the first picture of the living room interior (behind the cut). But, first, an aerial view of the finished landscape!

Here's a different view of the exterior, focusing towards the front porch. As you can see, I also changed the paint on the exterior of the house (I downloaded these walls with the corner bricks after building this house).

I include this picture just to give you an idea of how the living room looks in game once you are in live mode (no more grid). I did have to move the easle back from being at a 45 degree angle in order for Lola to be able to use it (she just stomped her foot and indicated that she couldn't reach it). At the bottom of the picture, you can see the tiling on the floor which is from the kitchen.

This is the pond area just outside of the back porch. You can see the pond, the bench, the hammock and a swing set (seating three). You may also spot a tree trunk next to the bench. It is usable as a seat! (Found it on thesimsresource).

Here Jaime and Lola are relaxing in their backyard.

Jaime is pushing his wife on the swing set.

This is the pool area (just next to the swing set. You can see that there is a telescope on the far end of the yard, sitting on a small hill above the pool (it is reachable by a small stairwell).

One of my favorite pieces of this particular section of the yard is:

The big tree just sitting inside the tree fence. From this angle it appears that the fence is crooked. It is not. From an overhead view, the fence is actually running in a straight line on each of the four sides. It is just run over uneven land.

Jaime and Lola Going Swimming...enjoying their first day in their new house!
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