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Damn Yankees at Millville High School

For those of you here who are locals:

Get yourselves to Millville Senior High School this weekend (Saturday night curtain is at 7:30pm, Sunday afternoon it is at 2pm (please allow yourself time to get tickets and find your seat!)).

Paul and I went tonight, ostensibly just to see Matt (playing Applegate) and Kristin (playing Sister). Though we didn't know any of the other kids in the cast (I recognized a few as mallrats), we both enjoyed the show.

The singing from each of the leads was great (some of the best I've heard at a high school level...let's put it this way...better than some of the adults I've heard at various community theatre productions).

The only downside I would say would be that the band wasn't always seemingly on key (though that may have been just the angle from which we were sitting) and the choreography was a little half-assed (half from the Bob Fosse choreography from the movie and half a little vamping to cover that the kids may not have been great dancers).

Matt was wonderfully evil as Applegate (and not swishy-washy like some villains on that stage in the past). Kristin is always adorable and gives the best line readings (she's got a great sense of timing).

Of the kids I didn't know before: I was especially taken with Kimberly Kracke who portrayed Lola (a little bit of sexy and a lot of humor...and a GREAT singing voice!). I also thought that Vinchelle (what a great name!) Woods was a standout as Rocky (a sophomore! Let's hope this actress does more next year!).

Oh! and the tickets were only $6.00! That's half what any of the community theatres are charging for their musicals, so take advantage of this bargain while you can and enjoy a night out at the theatre!

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