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Friday night...

This past Friday night was "Third Friday", so Becky and I went to downtown Millville as usual.

When I got to the Forge, I looked around at Dennis Tawes' stuff which was on display. Well, the polite thing to say would be that I simply wasn't impressed because I'd just been to the Dali exhibit...

I met up with Becky and we trecked down to the rest of the galleries. I liked this month's exhibit in High Street Designs. It was canvases created with wax (called "encaustic"). Some of it was very interesting looking and I also appreciated how fragile the pieces were and how delicate this work must be.

I wasn't as impressed with the work in the clay college this time (just kind of blah).

Becky was quite taken by the landscapes in the RRCA this month and some of the wine themed stuff in the smaller room was very good. We also saw/heard the band members that we'd met up at Rita's a couple of months ago (they were playing in the smaller room there).

We got to visit with Terri Garvey and Myra Cubero at T&A Designs (which is making it's grand opening next month)! Yay ladies! Becky got to meet Russ, Terri's husband, for the first time.

After returning for a while to the Forge, Becky and I left to meet up with Marni, Bob, Paul, Shelly, Michael (Shelly's husband), Allen and Allen's friend whose name escapes me at the Golden Palace. While there, Marni loaned a coffee table book of Dali to Becky (she had coincidentally somehow just ended up with the huge book this week or so). We also bumped into various people from CP who were all there after the performance of "How To Eat Like a Child". It was nice to see Michael Mills, who I hadn't seen since "Much Ado" (wherein I played, depending on how you read the subtext, his best friend, his manservant or his lover).

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