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This past Wednesday, we got up early and headed out onto the road and managed to get to the Philadelphia Museum of Art in time to grab one of the last parking spaces in the back (possibly THE last parking space).

We went inside, sat for a while and waited for Kris, Becky and Jarvis to catch up to us (they ended up parking on the other side of the building). While we waited, I pulled out my cellphone and played some backgammon.

We met up with them at about, Becky and I ran to the modern art wing first before queing up for the Dali exhibit.

She wanted to show me the "painting with balls".

We got in line for Dali and were surprised, pleasantly, to discover that the exhibit came with complimentary audio tours (!). We all got headphones and these little mp3 players with number pads. We simply had to key in a corresponding number from a painting in any room to listen to the audio recording. It really made the exhibit come to life...

I saw so many paintings that I'd never seen before and some that I'd only seen in books. Nothing compares to seeing them in person. Also, I was glad for the historical information that we were given to help put the various pieces into their proper context.

We ended up spending three hours in the exhibit. It was so HUGE! To explore a Dali exhibit from where you are, try: Virtual and Dali Painting Gallery. I've even changed my desktop wallpaper. The painting I chose to loook at on my desktop is: The Endless Enigma (1938).


After the museum, we went to lunch at the Black Horse Diner...they've redone their interior. It all looked nice, but they GOT RID OF THE MEGATOUCH!!! NO!

When I got home, I just napped and read a little.

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