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Livejournal can conquer the world

click on the above map (on the portions where there is land) and then click on "instructions" to get the html code to place in a journal entry (then the map will be give points to

If you don't know what this map is, it is Referrer Risk.

Let me allow pabsungenis to tell you about it:

Ever play Referrer Risk? It is (or should I say WAS) a fun game where websites competed against each other to, literally, conquer the world. A dynamic map was displayed, and as users clicked on the map, pixels would change color to denote that that portion of the world had been "conquered" by the particular website.

However, not that long ago, one message board in the Netherlands, "" took the call to "conquer the world" too literally. They not only made a concerted effort to turn the entire world purple (the color representing them) but they watch the map regularly, and if anyone starts taking over sizeable portions, they pounce four or five users at a time to wipe them out. It's completely killed the game, and most of the sites that had Referrer Risk on them took it off.

Well, everyone needs to sleep. So, this morning, this is what everyone in the Netherlands who went to that message board saw:

Then I got to thinking. Between all of us on LJ, we outnumber these obsessive Netherlands people, so let's teach them a lesson. If a click comes from any journal, it will be credited to LiveJournal as a whole, so we can really make a dent.


If you have an LJ of your own, copy and paste that HTML into an entry on your journal and pass the word along. And when you have some time to waste, click on the map a few hundred times, and let's see if we can't reclaim the world for LJ.

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