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Sims 2! - House I built this week - finally done 'cept for landscaping!

YUP! All I have left of this project is the landscaping. Here's one peek and the rest will be behind a cut for you fuddy-duddies:

This is the overhead view to give you an idea of the size of the thing...

This is the first floor opened up for view. Ignore the grid across the living room (the lower right hand corner). It's hard to view it without that with no sims living here, since I can only take photos in buy/build mode.

again, ignore the grid around the top of the picture and very left, but this is the front porch.

Here are two views of the entranceway. The statue should be the first thing you see when you enter the house, but there are also those big two story windows on the right with the chess set beneath them...those curly-cue things in the second photo are the lamps, hanging from the ceiling.

Here are two views of the living room (one set with grid visible to show the full walls and another set so you can see the actual furniture detail):


You may note that there is a tank in there that looks like an aquarium, but actually, there is a snake in there.

The other set of stairs from the living room lead to:

the kitchen.


<the dining room...

...which are next to ...

the stairs.

But, before we go behind and up the stairs, let's check out:

The downstairs bathroom. I'm considering taking down some of the tile on the walls (and restricting it just to behind the urinal, toilet and tub). Yes, there is a urinal in the house.

Next to the bathroom is


Next to the gym and from the back entrance is

the back porch (including barbeque and bar area).

Now, behind the stairs, you'll find:

The sunroom (with a piano for entertaining guests!

Upstairs, is the bedroom, including sitting area, study area and balcony that overlooks the entranceway.

From the bedroom, there is a Jacuzzi!!!

Also, you will find a nice bathroom:

(I love the tile in here)

Well, what do you all think?

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