Bryan F. Irrera (bfirrera) wrote,
Bryan F. Irrera

Yup...I must have needed the sleep.

I slept until noon today.

I don't know when, earlier this morning, Paul woke me to give me possible good news regarding the Hogback land deal in the paper this morning, then I rolled back to sleep and this is what I was left with. The interesting thing is just before I got up, I had a dream that I'd awakened, looked for Paul, he'd gone and I realized he was still off getting the paper and I looked at the clock and it was only 7:00am. But, my internal clock told me that couldn't be right 'cause it felt like hours since he'd woken me. When I actually woke up and saw that it was noon, I knew that was correct. I did ask Paul if he'd really woken me up or if that was another part of dreamscape stuff and he had.


Of course, last night I was up til past 3:30am just playing the Sims. I'm experimenting with building a house (the experimenting part is not just building a simple square and trying to create a house with multiple levels (not just multiple floors)...including, for example, a sunken living room. I'm also finallly mucking around with a couple of the "cheat" codes that specifically relate to building and furnishing... that allows things to be rotated to a fortyfive degree angle (mostly for decorating purposes, since most things, except for chairs, may become unusable at that angle). I predominantly am using this cheat to place curtains on diagonal windows (which they thankfully finally allowed us to place in this game...but why have a window if you can't put a curtain on it).

The other cheat is "snap objects to grid - false". This allows you to move objects outside of the grid. Basically, again, I wouldn't use it for actual items that the sims will use, but I might want to use it to fit paintings and other objects onto walls that are otherwise already occupied (of course I would combine it with the "moveobjects on" cheat which allows you to place objects on top of other objects...I also like using this to combine plants on the grid (even one download site created new urns that you could place your plants in using the moveobjects cheat).

(Laura, or anyone else here to who plays Sims 2, if you want these codes, just ask).

Once I finish this house, I will definitely be posting pics from it.

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