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sleep deprivation is catching up to me...


Thanks to I think, the sleep deprivation I've been living with this past week (due in part to having to do inventory at the store this past Tuesday...until 3am), I just work up from an unplanned nap. I would have already been enroute to Philadelphia, but my head is too filled with cotton right now to think about driving...especially considering that we'd have to push our clocks forward tonight.

The inventory went relatively well, I think...not TOO many screw-ups from the team they brought in (mostly just one guy this time).

I was off on Wednesday and I tried to mostly just veg out (knowing what I had coming the next two days).

On Thursday, I opened at the store, starting on our "recall" (every six to eight weeks or so, they pull product off our shelves to redistribute to other stores in the company). From that, I went home, quickly changed, grabbed a few DVDs and books and headed over to Kris and Becky's to babysit with Maia.

It was great to spend the time with her and she was extremely well behaved for me, but she tuckered me out big time. A lot of running around. When we sat down to watch television, I nodded a little during the Donald Duck cartoons she wanted to watch (and which, thankfully, held her interest MUCH more than Dora the Explorer).

On Friday, I got up, picked up the keys to Cumberland Players (I finally just bit the bullet and made a copy for myself since no one was apparently in a rush to do so for me...and, as house manager, I'm entitled to the key). I cleaned the bathrooms and swept and mopped the auditorium. I'm going to return this week before the next show opens to vacuum the lobby.

...then more "recall" last night, at the record store...then opening this morning for more of that...and going in early to accomplish it (Mike and I went in at 8am so we'd have two hours of uninterruption while doing it).

I got home at 2pm, rested a bit watching television and went to the bedroom to read around 5pm...

...and then I woke up at 11:30pm!

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