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Well, it's been kind of slow at the homestead...we get up, go to work, come home, maybe watch some television, go to bed, repeat.

Wash. Rinse. Repeat. Wash Rinse Repeat. WashRinseRepeat. necessary.


The highlights this week: on Tuesday, we dined out with our dinner friends. Melange Cafe in Cherry Hill, NJ. Creole/Italian fusion. I had Southern fried catfish. It was good, but would have preferred it, I think, without all the gravy. I had trouble distinguishing between the fish and the mashed potatoes beneath it 'cause everything ended up tasting just like the gravy.

The desserts were good though ('cept, of course, inevitably, for Shawn's (a cheesecake which had apparently gone bad)).


Last Friday, Becky and I went out to Third Friday and the whole street was dead. It was a lovely evening and no one was out there. Last month it was freezing and you practically had to climb over the people. Go figure.

We stopped into the Looking Glass Cafe 'cause I was hungry and didn't just want to pick off the snacks that were provided at the different galleries (how much chips and dip is healthy to have as dinner?).

It was crowded when we got there and our waitress told us they were out of some things: tofu (no big loss), burgers (fine, since I really just wanted a BLT or a turkey club), and some produce for salads (uh oh) since they'd been swamped all day and hadn't recieved their delivery for some reason. I asked if they still had lettuce or tomatoes since I really wanted that BLT. She said they were out of them. So, instead I asked if they had the ingredients for...a chicken burrito (after looking over the menu a bit and removing from it the things that would require produce). She said to me "Chicken Burrito. Okay!" then took our drink orders (we ordered smoothies...Becky wasn't ordering food 'cause she already had dinner).

She quickly brought our smoothies. A half hour goes by. We see people seated after us getting their food. I also see the man seated next to us getting a turkey club sandwich...WITH LETTUCE AND TOMATO ON IT!

We call over the waitress. She asks if we want our check and the "to go" cups for our smoothies. I ask what about my burrito? "What burrito?" she asks. The one I ordered, remember? She looked at me blankly and didn't remember. I reminded her that we had that conversation about what they didn't have and pointed out that she told me there was no lettuce and tomato (and pointed to the man eating a turkey club with said items on it which I might have ordered but she had talked me out of it) and how I then said chicken burrito, which she said okay to. She then realized that I was right and apologized, gave us the drinks on the house and we left (I wasn't about to wait another half-hour for something I didn't really want in the first place (considering I'd have wanted that sandwich instead of the burrito!). If you go to the Looking Glass, DON'T have the waitress that looks like Dawn French.

I hate the springtime. I'm getting the hives daily, getting overly sleepy because of the rain that's been pouring down and I'm irritable even in dreams (I let out a banshee yell at all of my fellow employees last night in a work related dream). I can't wait until summer finally settles in.

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