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Chocolate Buffet...and other...

Well, we finally went to the chocolate buffet at the Ritz-Carlton in Philadelphia...

...1), our expectations probably were affected by the fact that we've been thinking about this thing for months and have had the reservations for over six weeks so we'd all built it up in our mind.

...2). They raised their prices last night.

The price when we made reservations was 19.95 a person. When we arrived, we were told that the price was 24.95 a person. We disputed it, stating that we should be given the price that we were told at the time we made the reservations. They did not argue with us on that, when bill tallying came up it added up to $26.50 per person with tax and tip included as opposed to $25 before tax and tip...which would probably have been closer to $32 or so per person.


the buffet area itself was much smaller than I'd expected. I'd also expected more choices. Some of the items were too chocolaty (if that's possible)...the fudge brownie I'd gotten was SO thick with chocolate that it was almost too dark and too rich. Some of the items were barely tangentially chocolate (a shotglass filled with rice pudding garnished with a slice of white chocolate). While it was all beautiful, some of it just wasn't as good as it looked.

The highlight for many of the others (though not for myself, 'cause I just didn't care for the consistancy) was the waffle bar (with various toppings available including whipped cream (yuck!), peanut butter, chocolate syrup, maple syrup and mixed berries (which were all a little too tart).

The highlight for me was a chocolate fountain under which you could place a skewer of fruit (mixed melon, pineapple and strawberries were available to stab at your choosing). I didn't particularly care for chocolate and cantaloupe, and forgot to try honeydew, but both pineapple and watermelon were amazingly wonderful with the chocolate (strawberries go without saying).

The company was great. It was the usual dinner gang (Paul and I, Chris and Andrea, Kim, Dawn and Shawn), joined by Candie and Martin AND Matt and Karen (who rarely comes out with us, but should make the effort more often). However, we'd expected to have two more people there, but Jim and Lin never showed up. (?)


Afterwards, Paul and I went into Tower Records (yes, I know, I work in a record store...but I wanted to see what different stuff they have...remember this is a metropolitan location and they can have more sophisticated clientele than we do in Cumberland County...). We picked up the third season of Soap (which I don't think we've gotten at the store) and a couple that we bumped into overheard our conversation and we ended up chatting for a while with them (the one woman and I seemed to have grown up "in the same head" since we were reminiscing about the same childhood television shows)....they suggested we try "Father Ted" when they'd heard us discussing "Vicar of Dibley"...we bought it. We'll try it this week.


When we got home we watched "Degrassi: The Next Generation". This episode seemed like just a place holder, 'cause nothing really BIG happened (but after the last few episodes with the school shooting and then Craig's meltdown I can't really blame them).

We went grocery shopping lots of frozen foods (pre-prepared, 'cause we are still living with just a microwave pretty much to cook with). I also got some matzoh. Crap! I forgot to get cream cheese. I'll have to get that tomorrow. Whatever.

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