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Kitties, kitties, everywhere.

A little less than three weeks ago, one of our outside cats, one of the feral tribe that lives in our yard, Pal, gave birth to four kittens. We'd estimated there were four and we were right (she'd had four last year around this same time). Meanwhile, a week later, Hermione, one of those four from last year, gave birth to her (first) litter of three.

Pal had hers under an old car in the yard (that is currently not in use)...we hadn't seen them until this afternoon, though we knew they were under there, since Pal would retreat there whenever she was done coming out for food/water...

Hermione had her litter up on our front porch (in one of the cardboard boxes with old ripped clothes that we keep out for them to bundle up in).

Well, when I got home today, I found Prince (Hermione's older brother from the litter two years ago) sitting with two little black kittens and another little kitten nearby. They were under a tree next to that car, so I knew they were Pal's. There was no sign of Pal and the kittens were crying. I'd seen Pal yesterday, but there still has yet to be any sign of her.

I quickly took the crying kittens up to the front porch to one of the boxes next to Hermione. She took them in with her and fed them her milk. Meanwhile, I sat on the porch with them while they quieted down. I then noticed I still heard crying and I realized that we were right that there had been four kittens and that it was still under the car. I cleared the leaves from under the car until I unburied the kitten and brought it up to Hermione as well...

...Prince has been walking through the yard, front and back, at our house and at Linda's...he's crying for his mother (mind you, he's the alpha male of this group. But, he's still a bit of a mama's boy!) breaks my heart.

Meanwhile, I've peeked in on poor Hermione who probably didn't expect this much of a burden...but she's holding up like a trooper and all the kittens are napping together with her (and she's begun cleaning her little siblings...soon they should accept her as their mother...).

I feel so sad for the kittens. I want to keep them (at least Hermione's three) and would like to find a good home for Pal's four...there are three mostly black ones (they have white bellies) and one that's more black AND white (top and bottom)...

...they aren't weened yet, still being very young. Hermione's kitties only opened their eyes TODAY and these others are only about a week older, so it will be a while before they are ready to be on their own...!
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