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Again...nothing really of consciousness

The snow is SERIOUSLY kicking up out there. It's pretty rotten outside. Of course, I get to drive in it in the late afternoon and late night ('cause I have to go to work...ugh).


I've been vegging out this weekend, or should I say "Vag-ing" out since I've been catching up on "The L Word". Yes, this season too, the guys are all still jerks, but this show is still addictive...

The Oscars held no big surprises...Chris Rock was very funny, MUCH better than Billy Crystal. I was a little miffed that Robin Williams recycled jokes from the Independent Spirit Awards the day before. I don't know what kind of reaction Chris Rock will get from the black community for putting them up for ridicule for not liking the kind of pictures that the Academy usually does (and instead liking movies that are pretty much reviled as shit..."White Chicks"?).


I never posted about our dinner this month...this past Tuesday we went to Katrina's in Philadelphia (near where Chris and Andrea live). Absolutely awesome. There was nothing on that table that I tasted that wasn't good. Everything was fresh and wonderful. Certainly worth a few more trips back. We plan to bring Kris and Becky there one night (since Kris will feel comfortable with the pasta and Becky may be able to try something new).


This coming week, on Friday night, Paul and I will be heading to Candie and Martin's for a game night...and on Wednesday I'll be spending my morning and afternoon cleaning Cumberland Players. I'm the house manager and there is a show starting this week (One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest). I'm planning on seeing it NEXT week. I guess I'll bring my Sirius boombox with me so I don't hear the building creaking so much (this past week, I went in for a preliminary clean-up and the creaking and noises of the "theatre ghost" spooked me a little bit...even though it certainly wasn't the first time I've been there for a long period on my own).

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