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Happy Mutha's Day...

to all the Mutha's out there!

Last night, I hung out with my friends Shawn, Dawn, Kim, Andrea and Chris (and Matt joined us as well). The original objective was to discuss the format of our new webpage (I could give you the url, but it would be empty right now...we've still got to put the actual page UP).

Anyway, it will be up soon and I'll certainly share (it involves the restaurants we are eating at each and such).

While I was heading out from the theatre, I mentioned that I would be heading to the liquor store to pick myself up a six-pack of Smirnoff Ice and R.J. suggested that I try new Bacardi Orange (similar to Bacardi Silver and the Smirnoffs, this is a new girlie beer). I found it relatively easily and it was the same price as Smirnoff Ice, so that was nice.

I arrived at Shawn's house first, followed relatively soon by Dawn and Kim. We went into the kitchen for pizza and discussion of the website. (we knew that Andrea and Chris would be late and Matt is not necessarily part of this...though he may be soon).

Anyway, I think it went well...I really like the Bacardi Orange. Basically, it's one of those girlie beers, but it tastes like orange soda...! It also mixes well with either Razzmatazz or Midori.

Dawn baked a cake so we all sampled it...chocolate cake with whipped cream frosting and Heath bar chunks on top...yum!

We then went into the living room to start playing games. Just as we were sitting in the room and I was about to start explaining how to play "Apples to Apples", Matt arrived, so he joined us in the first game that they played. While we were in the middle of that first round (lots of laughter ensued), Chris and Andrea arrived and they were dealt in for the second round.

Chris was getting tired, but Andrea was enjoying herself SO much, that we ended up playing a third round.

...the best thing about this game is that even if you play with the same cards over and over, you don't get them in the same combinations...and when you get different people playing it those combinations are continually changing. I've got to get the third expansion set soon.

Anyway, all in all it was a fun night with friends and hopefully we'll do it again (or something similar) soon...
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