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In the last few days, I watched a romance blossom between Jaime and Lola Curious-Smith (one of the "Singles" gals), while a friendship was growing between Wednesday (Jaime's sister and roommate) and Chloe Curious-Smith (Lola's sister and roommate).

After Jaime and Wednesday invited the two girls over for a dinner party (including a game of Myshuno), Chloe invited Wednesday back to her house...Chloe then put on the "Charisma" sunglasses and asked Wednesday to move in to her house. Well, the house really only is big enough for three women...

Meanwhile, Jaime, was left alone in his least he could get rid of Wednesday's bed and use her bedroom for a study. He just started his new job as a radio board operator (a new career I downloaded from Mod The Sims2 - Careers) and invited Lola over for dinner. After they chatted a while over dinner, played a game of chess and then relaxed in the hot tub, he gathered the courage to ask Lola to move in with him.

After she moved in, she came to the decision that she really wasn't cut out for the political world and wanted to do something a little more down to, she got online, looked for a job and is now working her way towards having her own salon in the Hairdresser career (from the same site).

She promptly recolored her hair (now with blonde streaks) and redid her make-up.

The next night, when they both got home (after Jaime fired the gardener and hired a new one after coming home to discover her sitting in the living room reading the newspaper), Jaime made a spaghetti dinner, they sat down to eat and then Lola went into the bedroom to retrieve the ring.

Jaime was happily surprised and accepted Lola's proposal. Now, it's time to start planning another wedding!

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