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Just got back from Third Friday...

(cause I was hanging out at the movie theatre afterwards) was great this month!

I went out to Rita's studio/apt. and was very excited to be painting part of her mural in her kitchen area...the mural is a tribute to various artists/paintings and she drew it on the wall...everyone was encouraged to pick a color and start filling it in (she'd turned it into a giant paint by numbers). Quite a few people joined in. I'd say it was certainly the hit of the night.

I went to the show soon afterwards and enjoyed it immensely. I'll write a full review later this weekend (it's pretty late now), but I very much enjoyed Andy Marchak's performance as the Goblin and I want to join the KerryAnne Bowers Fan Club (she played the Snow Queen)...she's great in everything I've seen her in so far...

I also really enjoyed seeing Andrea Williams and Kristi Lynn as the snow guards...they were both really funny (especialy considering they really had to use their body language so much to carry the humor with their faces covered with masks).

After the show, I briefly got a chance to check out the Tawes (with Joyce Maxwell and Mary Wijsmuller, both from Cumberland Players) and stopped into the RRCA (which was packed full of people, so I decided to check out the exhibit later this week when I'm there for my rehearsal for the Sherlock Holmes one-act that Stephanie is directing).

I then stopped over to Wind Chimes and bought the new special issue of Weird NJ (finally) and got a couple of books (including a hardcover I've been looking at in the window for a while) and headed back to Rita's.

Rita's apartment was filled with people who I've seen on and off through the various third Fridays. Kim Fogle came out to the studio to paint a little bit after her show (she directed the show at HCRT) and the young woman who works at Wind Chimes and I painted a bit together as well. I moved into the little room where the food is and got to have a bit of a conversation with Rita's mom (who was a TOTALLY cool woman).

Rita says that she is planning another interactive thing for the MAY third Friday...everyone: you'll all want to check this out, I'm sure.
I left at ten pm and headed over to the movie theatre to meet up with Becky to head to Dennys as planned. But, when I called Becky to let her know that I was on my way, she told me she was beat (of course, I was already halfway to the movie theatre by this point else I would have just turned around and gone back to Rita's (I was really enjoying myself).

Instead, I ended up having a conversation with R.J. upstairs in the projection booth about movies and stuff. We're both going to possibly head over to Rita's on Sunday night after the rehearsal for "On Tidy Endings" (I know I'm going to go over there on Tuesday was so great to get to spend time with Rita).

I'm starting to punk out and get tired (I've hit the wall and the wine I drank must be finally getting to me...and, hey, I've been up since 8am this morning).
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