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This week...

Okay, so last Tuesday, was "Eat This"...we went to G.G.'s in Mt Laurel (at a Doubletree Hotel...may be part of the hotel's chain). The food was excellent, though pricey (though if the food was good, the price was worth it.). I did think that all the portions were huge, too, so don't balk at the prices with the entrees unseen. I enjoyed everything that I tasted there. My only complaint would be the fact that it was hard to hear in there...we were very near a piano player in the place and the acoustics were already a little rough in there.

Paul has a problem with differentiating between sounds nowadays (when there is a lot of background noise). Luckily, my being half-deaf all my life was an advantage for the most part because I could read Dawn and Kim's lips (and if you have trouble hearing the Calendo sisters it's certainly a sign that there is too much noise in a place). However, I continually lost Tracy and Shawn (I was at the end of the table and they were both sitting with their profiles to me, which made it harder to understand what they were saying).

Luckily we were seated with Andrea and Chris on our side so we could still have some intelligent conversation...
On Wednesday, I first went up to visit with my Aunt Bette. We went out to eat at the diner down the street from her condo and had a nice chat/visit. That morning, so I could enjoy it on my ride up, Paul set up the Sirius radio in car kit for me. It still needs to be put in permanently (the suction cup isn't holding really well), but it's a start.

Thursday was pretty much just work...

On Friday, I was off for the day and I spent the evening with Becky. Once we put Maia to bed, we decided to pick a movie off the TiVo. We chose Lifeboat (she keeps a wishlist for Hitchcock films). Very good. We didn't know where it would lead from one moment to the next (though there were all spots where I had to do "AP"...I just couldn't resist).

Saturday night, after I got home from work, I went to Kris and Becky's and picked her up to go out to dinner. We ate at Don Pablo's, shopped at Target (I found some Jones Soda) and the Deptford Mall.

Last night, I worked at the movie theatre and Big Don and his girlfrend, Dana, came in to see "Shark Tale" and to visit with Jarvis and I. at the record store.

Tomorrow...Kris and Becky's for board games actual movie in the theatre with Becky. We're going to the Ritz in Voorhees to see either "The Life Aquatic" or "Sideways" and then will head to Cherry Hill Mall for lunch at Bahama Breeze.

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