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I just finished watching the first episode of "Medium" starring Patricia Arquette. I'd never even heard about this show (I only just re-subscribed with "Entertainment Weekly") but the TiVo thankfully picked it up as a recommendation.

This show is very cool. I'm hoping that it can manage to keep up the pace of this episode in further episodes, while expoloring more of the supporting cast.

I've liked Patricia Arquette ever since she was in "Dream Warriors"'s nice to see her on series television.

This series revolves around Alison DuBois, who works as an intern with a law firm. Alison was initially only meant to sort crime scene photos, but she pieces together the crime they depict and can even place them in their proper order chronologically. Of course, the lawyers scoff at her "theories".

Meanwhile, her husband has been chronicling her dreams/nightmares, which seem to be messages from the dead, asking for justice. To see if there is anything of these dreams, he sends his journal to the authorities and a call comes out from the Texas Rangers when one of Alison's dreams comes way too close to one of their cases (including the suspect's name, which hasn't been published anywhere 'cause he's a minor).

Anyway, the next episode is on tomorrow night, so if you missed the pilot, give it a chance. If they pilot was picked up by YOUR TiVo (I know that Kris and Becky's also got the show), give it a try tonight so you have time to set a season pass for tomorrow!

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