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My Uberlist!

My Uberlist for 2005:

Let's see how well I can keep up with this:

1. Tell Paul I love him every day.
2. Take vitamins daily.
3. Drink more water, less soda.
4. Get a new winter coat and gloves.
5. Put something in the bank every week, every paycheck.
6. Get benefits at FYE or get another job that offers them.
7. Get a new digital camera, so it's not a hassle to upload pictures and TAKE MORE PICTURES of EVERYBODY I CARE ABOUT!
8. See Aunt Bette at least once a month.
9. See my mother at least once a month.
10. Keep in touch with Michelle.

11. Keep in touch with Terri.
12. Take the car to the wash at least once a month.
13. Learn my lines for Hamlet.
14. Read at least twelve new books this year from Project Guttenberg.
15. Read the Dark Tower series by Stephen King.
16. Read those old Marvels I bit-torrented.
17. Finish the Star Trek: New Frontier series by Peter David.
18. Finally finish that last ten hours of DS9...
19. Catch up on the backlog of Enterprise.
20. Get through more of that comic book back-log.
21. Find some kind of shelf-unit(s) for all the other DVDs.
22. Go through the stuff at the storage unit and start to clean it out.
23. Clear out our books and take them to Wind-Chimes or bookcross them.
24. Once kitchen is finished, get off my ass and clean the whole house and throw a party.
25. Finally have and use a dining room again.
26. Have a Passover Seder (whether Traditional or not).
27. Bake Bobe's cookie recipe.
28. Cook a new recipe at least once a month.
29. Buy a bread machine and use it.
30. Eat more vegetables.
31. Invite over Kris, Becky and Maia for dinner.
32. Unbury/Organize the computer room.
33. Dust more regularly.
34. Empty the dishwasher.
35. Fold and put away the laundry.
36. Take out the trash/change the trash can
37. Garden - flowers, the roses.
38. Garden - tomatoes and other veggies.
39. Garden - spices and herbs.
40. Get a few plants in the house and really care for them.
41. Spay/neuter the outside cats.
42. Learn more about Jewish holidays and Judaism in general.
43. Throw a barbecue this summer.
44. Make sure Paul covers his shift for at least one of Chris/Andrea's pool parties this summer.
45. Have a movie-night at our house.
46. Go to my twenty year high school reunion.
47. Keep in touch with classmates from the reunion.
48. Plan grand opening of DeMarco Cinemas - Woodstown, NJ.
49. Help organize baby shower for Andrea.
50. Help plan bridal shower for Candie.
51. Pick at least two restaurants for Eat This.
52. Start costume early for Hallowe'en.
53. Start Christmas shopping early.
54. Send out Christmas cards this year.
55. Put up the tree this Christmas.
56. Plan a trip to Storybook Land during holidays.
57. Light the Menorah.
58. Go to the M.o.M.A. With Becky.
59. Buy an original piece of art.
60. Rent those audio tour things at Museums.
61. Go to a Smithsonian Museum I've not been to yet (not just the National History, Natural History and Air/Space).
62. Plan a trip to the Philadelphia Zoo with Maia in the spring.
63. Install the Sirius Car-Kit.
64. Listen to the old-time radio shows piling up on the Hard Drive.
65. Listen to different channels of Sirius (music I don't normally listen to) at least once a week for a half-hour.
66. Go to a Concert.
67. Call the Derek and Romaine show.
68. Call Frank DeCaro show.
69. Watch at least one foreign film a month (either TiVo or Ritz).
70. Go to the Philly Film Festival.
71. Go to the Gay/Lesbian Film Festival.
72. See at least 50 movies in the theatre.
73. MiST "Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith" with the Transducers at the DeMarco.
74. Find and go to RHPS, even if it's just the Transylvanian Nipples.
75. See "Dead House" on the big screen.
76. See a Broadway Show.
77. Visit with Ronnie and Jill in NYC.
78. Spend some time with Irene!
79. Visit Michaela in NC.
80. Visit Darryl in NC.
81. Plan a trip to either Detroit or Olean to visit Jeffe
82. Direct a play (at least a one-act).
83. Bring the exercise bike upstairs and use it.
84. Make time to relax with the scent player.
85. Cut down on the swearing.
86. Cut down on the double-entendres.
87. Cut down on the sarcasm.
88. Maintain skincare routine.
89. Don't bite nails/cuticles.
90. Get facials/manis/pedis with Becky.
91. In summer, swim at least four times a week.
92. Lower my cholesterol.
93. Comment more on LJ.
94. Meet some LJ friends in RL.
95. Start going back to Bounce on a regular basis again!
96. March in Gay Pride Philadelphia with Bounce.
97. Give to charity.
98. Write actual honest to goodness letters to friends, not just e-mail.
99. Finish "Kingdom Hearts".
100. Finish all television DVD box sets.
101. Pay dues with PANG.
102. Go to Gunnison Beach (Sandy Hook) at least five times this summer.
103. Go to the nudist Gathering over Memorial Day weekend.
104. Appear on "Naked Tony's" website.
105. Don't worry so much about everything..

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