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Christmas Eve at Candie and Martin's

As per our usual, yes, even though I was stuck at work until after 8pm and still had to go home, shower, change, print out the directions to refresh my memory and we still had a drive ahead of us, Paul and I still managed to be first to arrive.

Shawn arrived a few minutes later and soon Tommy came with Pat (Shawn went outside to help him haul Pat in the door). Just as Shawn went outside, Dawn and Kim arrived.

Dawn and Kim arrived and we knew it was okay to start opening the presents at that point.

Shawn got Paul a Frylock plushie (from Aqua Teen Hunger Force). He also gave us "Peckermints". From Dawn and Kim, we got "Dunkin' Dickies" cookies and "Spermies" candies (which look like their sour patch candies).

Kim opened her present first and loved her Flake bars (from the UK). Dawn then opened hers and was happy to see Chairman Kaga from Iron Chef on her t-shirt (and we all tried the Japanese candies I got for her too (Strawberry and Champagne...made with real champagne, so Paul got a little drunk off that little candy)). Then Shawn opened his and was like "you got me a whole Disney alcoholic package" and laughed (we'd gotten him a Mickey mouse ice-cube tray, Mickey swizzle sticks and a set of shot glasses with icons from each of the four parks). Candie and Martin loved their salt and pepper shakers (shaped like a yin yang Mickey head). -- If I'd had more room to pack I'd probably have gotten a pair for myself as well...
In the dining room, Kim and I cracked open the Hummus sampler Paul and I had gotten at Sam's or BJ's (Athenos brand). We agreed that the plain was eh, the garlic was better and the roasted red pepper variety was kickass!

Melissa arrived with her boyfriend Bruce, Matt arrived shortly after and soon Jim (minus Linette...for some reason she's never with us on X-Mas...usually probably exhaustion from working retail I guess), Chris and Andrea all got there and the family was complete.

Andrea and Chris liked the gummy candy bento boxes, chopsticks and chopstick holders I got them from Japan/Epcot.

At Midnight, it was time for Bring a gift, Get a gift...

Andrea ended up with the "Home For the Holidays" DVD and Melissa eventually ended up with the "Etch a Sketch". I got a very cool "Emperor Palpatine" in-action figure (the sculpt is absolutely awesome, but modern action figures are more about just displaying and aren't about the articulation). and Paul traded the "Mr. T. in Your Pocket" for the Spongebob game that Shawn had...(guess what we'll be playing on Tuesday).


All in all it was fun.

Now, time to prepare for heading over to Kris and Becky's to trade presents, then get ready to head into the movie theatre from 2-6. Tomorrow, I'll be getting my comics for the week after we run "Ray" for ourselves in a private showing at 12:15pm. Then I'll be in tomorrow night from 6pm on. Hopefully, I'll get a chance to watch some X-Mas cartoons tonight (This year we have the whole Frosty series...Frosty the Snowman/Frosty Returns, Frosty's Winter Wonderland (which is paired with Twas the Night Before X-Mas on another disc) and Frosty and Rudolph's Christmas in July, so I think those will be my choice (though we'll likely skip Frosty Returns...)).

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