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Christmas Eve...

Last night, we watched more of "Arrested Development" on the DVD set (we're now on the third disc (of three total)). While watching, we wrapped X-Mas presents. We still have to wrap the "bring a gift, get a gift"(s) for tonight (Paul can wrap those some time of them is in his trunk), Becky's present (again, still in the trunk), Maia's present (ditto) and Bette's present (which I have time to wrap, since I don't know when I'll see her). I'll wrap my mother's present before I go to see her (I'm thinking of doing so on Wednesday).

Today, I go to work from 10am until closing time (6pm) and we have to change signage and other stuff as soon as the gates come down (including I've already been told that there are rebates changing and the top 20 will be different...hopefully, I'll be able to get that done quickly).

As soon as I get home, I get to shower, change and grab the box of gifts (including the "Bring a gift, get a gift" packages), and the hummus variety pack that we found at Sam's Club, and head up to Candie and Martin's! Whoo-Hoo! Party with the Transducers!

Hopefully we won't get there too late (though knowing our friends, we'll still manage to be fairly early like last year when we got lost in the Tweeter Center parking lot trying to find the entrance and still got in earlier than anyone else practically).

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