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It's 4:30am...I've got to head off to work at 6am. Yuck. I hate driving to AND from work in the dark (I know that I have a little bit of quick shopping to finish before leaving work...)....nothing major, mostly just gift wrap (I'll get it at the Eckerds, not at the mall...I'm thinking it would be funnier to grab Baby Shower/Bridal Shower gift wrap instead).

I've got to wrap all the presents for the Transducers party tomorrow, Aunt Bette's present, Mom's present, and the last stuff we're getting for Kris, Becky and Maia (we're exchanging stuff on X-Mas morning).

I guess we'll just veg out in front of the tube tonight (at least I can sleep in slightly tomorrow...whoo-hoo...don't have to getup until 8:30am).
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