Bryan F. Irrera (bfirrera) wrote,
Bryan F. Irrera

New screenshot from the Sims!

After returning from their honeymoon, Kristen and Fernando decided it was time to look for a new home and found this home, which was partially furnished. They would like to eventually raise a child here. Meanwhile, Kristen's friend, Erin Beaker, one of her former roommates, is now living in their former home, so they did not lose any of their furniture and can move back there when they retire (possibly).

My other thought is to always move a single person into that home and have all the weddings in the backyard (I can always decorate them differently as time goes on...the University expansion coming next year is going to include a fountain, so I want to add one outside near the statue where they took photos...
Once I've got Fernando and Kristen's home fully furnished and I know they've settled in for a while, I'll leave them for some wedded bliss before returning to allow them to try for a baby.
I'm now going to focus on Erin and her five prospective suitors: Jaime Cruz (Fernando's brother), Kal-El Myers (the only other single male character who hails from my previous game), Norville "Nervous" Specter, Ajay Mitchell (used to be Loner), and Pascal Curious (who is a single father and therefore the possible dark horse candidate). Of course there are two other dark horse candidates: single father of three, General Buzz Grunt, and Kiritan Jones, a purple alien teenaged boy (who I think would make a better match with either Ophelia Nigmos or a teenaged Jill Smith (who is still currently a child)). I'm going to try to hook up Kiritan's sister, Ganit, with Ripp Grunt (since the only other teenaged boy in town is Tank Grunt and I find him annoying).

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